Our Sustainability Mission at Pure Chakra

It's a fact, we as people are destroying the planet. We have continued global warming, plastics being dumped into the ocean, fertilizer runoff causing killer algae blooms, deforestation, and large scale forest fires; the list just goes on and on. When my husband and I started Pure Chakra, we wanted to provide products that were not just usable, but leave a smaller footprint on this planet. This is our Sustainable Mission:

  • We hope to offer a large selection of products made of sustainable fabrics or ingredients. This includes clothing made of hemp, bamboo, linen, recycled polyester, and organic cotton.
  • We will never destroy unsold merchandise. Any Pure Chakra product that is damaged or cannot be sold will be donated or recycled.
  • We will attempt to limit the amount of waste from packaging and shipping products. As we continue to grow, we will seek out new opportunities to limit our waste.

This is our Sustainable Mission. We will continue to update our mission with the times. We hope you will join us to help protect our one planet.