5 Ways to Remove Negative Energy From your Home and Recenter the Space for Tranquility and Love

By Nancy Pham

Your home is a place meant to make you feel safe, at ease, and build harmonious long lasting memories, but whether you’re moving to a new place, reeling from a recent loss or death, or frustrated from heated arguments, these fluxes in energy can disrupt your mental, emotional, and physical space. Energy is never created nor destroyed, constantly transferring from one form to another, and these intense emotions can create a heaviness for you as you move through your home. Not only can you mindfully remove negative energy from your own emotional state and being, but you can also learn to remove negative energy from your home and recenter. 

1. Bless the Home with Gratitude and Intentions

Gratefulness is one of the simplest ways to realign your own personal mindset, but you can send your gratefulness towards your home as well. While kneeling down with your palms touching the firmness of the floor, and your forehead against the top of your heads, you can close your eyes and send a blessing to the home, similarly to Marie Kondo before she starts helping families declutter their spaces.
“Thank you home for bringing me safety and warmth. I appreciate that I have a home to live in for many years to come. I would like to thank this home for all it has done and would like to bring in more peace, tranquility and love.” At this point, send forth your own loving energy into the home, so you know the energy you’d like to create. 

2. Physically Clear the Home of Negative Remnants of Energy

Smudging is an ancient cleansing technique across Indigenous First Nations people, as well as Asia and the Middle East. Smudging helps clear energy from the space by supplanting its own energy. 

The ritual taps into the elements of the earth, water, earth, wind, and fire. The container, which was traditionally a shell, represents water. The sacred plant, whether sage, sweetgrass, palo Santo, or tobacco, represents a sacred blessing from mother earth. This is best if harvested sustainably. The flame is fire. Using a feather or waving the smudge represents air. 

With your items ready, open up your windows and doors for the energy to leave easily, use a wooden match to burn the plant inside the shell for up to 30 seconds before extinguishing the flames with your feather or hand (avoid blowing it as it’ll blow your spirit away), use your hands in a washing  motion to bring the smoke across your being, and set the set an intention. For example,

“Thank you to the Creator/Mother Earth for this sacred plant medicine. I am setting this practice to purify and cleanse negative energy, bring good luck, and protect myself and my loved ones.” 

3. Clear Out Your Clutter

Like our minds, your home can be filled with clutter. This shifts the energy to a past energy instead of present energy. Mindfully look around your room and assess what you no longer love or brings your joy or need. Start making piles of donation and landfill items, so you can go from room to room letting things go. If it’s hard to let go of certain things, thank them for all the good feelings they have brought you and hope them another future of bringing memories to someone else. 

4. Bring Positivity Back In!

You are the greatest source of positivity, so always work on your current mindset and emotional state. From meditation, to journaling, to positive affirmation, focus your energy on the energy you want to fill and release back into the universe. Surround yourself with good people, move your body, drink water, surround yourself only with things that bring you awe and inspiration, and know you can fill yourself and your home with unlimited peace and love. 

5. Bring in nature 

Create a nurturing space by bringing in plants. If you want a low hassle plant, get a pothos from your local nursery, which can handle overwatering and underwatering, as well as various light conditions such as darker rooms. If you really can’t remember to water your plant, try the dracaena family as they’re robust. When you’re feeling alone, you can look at your plants and affirm yourself, “I am grateful to be alive and surrounded by love and beauty and life.” Admire these plants for their resilient life, taking in your carbon dioxide and releasing more life-sustaining oxygen, and their innate beauty. 


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