Palm Reading – What Your Palm Lines Say About You

Take a look at your palms and you’ll see a few prominent lines and several finer lines. These may appear random but they aren’t. The prominent lines reveal certain aspects about your personality and also give you a glimpse into where your future is heading towards.

When reading your palm lines, you always read the lines on your dominant hand. While there are several finer or minor lines, most readings focus on the main lines – the heart, life, head and fat lines. 

Here’s what the major lines on your palms say about you.


Heart line
The heart line starts at around the base of the pinky finger, runs across the palm and ends either at your middle or index finger. This line reveals aspects of your happiness and emotional stability.

* A long straight line that ends under your index finger says that you have a happy love life and are considerate of others’ feelings.

* A straight line that ends between your index and middle finger says that you value your independence in any relationship, and you tend to show your love through actions, not words.

* If your heart line ends below the middle finger, it indicates that you’re a romantic and tend to fall in love easily.

* If your heart line is long and curves upwards, it reveals your openly passionate nature and that you’re not shy about expressing yourself and your romantic feelings.

* On the other hand, a short curved line says that you prefer to keep your romantic feelings to yourself. 


Life Line

The life line runs in wide arc starting between your thumb and forefinger and going down towards the base of your palm. Many people believe that this line reflects how long they will live but that’s not right. This line reveals your passion for life and whether or not there will be major changes in your life. It is also an indication of your well-being.

A relatively long solid curved line that with no breaks says two things - that you are reliable and you are generally healthy.

A straight life line says that you tend steer towards being more cautious when forming friendships and relationships.


Head Line

The head line starts at around the same place as the life line between the thumb and forefinger. But instead of going downwards, this line goes straight across your palm and could end anywhere from the center of your palm to the other side of your palm.  Your head line reveals your communication style and your love for learning.

A head line that is curved says that you are inherently creative and spontaneous. Creativity is also indicated if your head line touches your life line where it starts between the thumb and forefinger. If the two lines don’t touch, it is an indication of your adventurous nature.

If your head line runs in a straight line across your palm, it says that you’re inherently realistic, practical, and analytical. You always think things through and analyze them before making major decisions.

Individuals with a short head line tend to give great importance to physical achievements and go on to excel in fields such as athletics, sporting activities, and dance.


Fate or Career Line

The line that stretches straight down from the middle finger to the middle of your palm is your fate or career line. It reflects your career and fortunes. It gives you insight into how much of an impact destiny will have on your life and your career path. 

If your fate line is prominent and deep, your career path is more likely to be influenced by destiny. This is manifested as a strong interest in pursuing a certain career. You are also more likely to be successful in the career you choose.

If your fate line and life line meet at the base of your palm, it indicates big aspirations and ambitions starting while you’re very young and you are more likely to follow through with your plans.

A break in the fate line reveals a change in careers. Multiple breaks indicate multiple career changes.

Interestingly, not everyone has a fate line. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. I is simply an indication that you have a lot of different interests and change paths frequently through the years.


Final Thoughts on Palm Reading

While the lines on your palms reveal your innate nature and give you an indication of your potential and the path you are heading toward, you must remember that it is not written in stone. We are continuously changing as we grow and mature and our hands change too. Planning your whole future based on your palm lines may limit your potential. Instead, a better way to use palmistry is to develop insight into your strengths and use that knowledge to charge your own course.


Written By Diana D'Souza

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